Introduction And Welcome

Hello and welcome! I am excited that you have joined this mini course to learn more about how to ace that job application. I hope this free course answers any questions you may have and gives you some tips about how to write your best job application.

In the healthcare sector (both public and private), managers are inundated with applications all the time. This is because the jobs are stable, we do amazing work and a lot of nurses want to work in this environment. To get your dream job, your application needs to show off how lucky they would be to have you working on their team.

I am Tracy Churchill and I am a Nurse Unit Manager who has reviewed thousands of applications and CVs in my role. One job we advertised had 1089 applicants (so you know there is a lot of competition for these jobs). I have seen some incredible applications and CVs and also some that were of a low standard. I want to help you ensure that your application stands out. Click next to get started!