Ace That Job Application

This free mini course is designed to help nurses who want to succeed in their job applications by:

  • Addressing the selection criteria well
  • Being aware of what to include (and leave out)
  • Making their application stand out and
  • Getting a foot in the door before they even submit an application

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

See you on the inside.

When I was a young nurse...

There were no resources for writing job applications, how to prepare and succeed in interviews or clear paths for becoming a nurse leader. 18 years later, not much has changed.

In my dream job (as Nurse Unit Manager of a busy Emergency Department), I began running workshops for Registered Nurses interested in becoming Clinical Nurse Specialists. These workshops were very popular. 60 people came to the first two sessions in their own time, and all of them left with a clear picture of exactly what they needed to do to achieve their goals.

Most of them achieved the higher level positions soon after, which just goes to show how much easier it is to have a roadmap to get to your destination.

Our offering to you: one step closer to your dream job.


Ace that Job Application

How to apply for nursing jobs with confidence

This mini course contains a 5 step process to ensure you are preparing and submitting a quality job application.