Nail That Nursing Interview

This course is designed to help nurses who want to succeed in their job interviews by:

  • Preparing ahead to maximise their impact
  • Understanding interview questions and answering them well
  • Showing up with confidence
  • Avoiding common interview mistakes and
  • Bringing their best self to their next job interview!

Interview skills are life skills. When you learn this process you can apply it to every interview in your future.

See you on the inside.

When I was a young nurse...

There were no resources for writing job applications, how to prepare and succeed in interviews or clear paths for becoming a nurse leader. 18 years later, not much has changed.

In my dream job (as Nurse Unit Manager of a busy Emergency Department), I began running workshops for Registered Nurses interested in becoming Clinical Nurse Specialists. These workshops were very popular. 60 people came to the first two sessions in their own time, and all of them left with a clear picture of exactly what they needed to do to achieve their goals.

Most of them achieved the higher level positions soon after, which just goes to show how much easier it is to have a roadmap to get to your destination.

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Nail That Nursing Interview

How to prep like an expert to land that job

Nail That Nursing Interview helps you prepare and feel confident in nursing interviews. This is a self paced, online course which is instantly available the second you purchase it (as we know you may need it now!). At the completion of this course, you will go into your next interview with a clear mind and ready to shine!

Tracy Churchill

(Nurse Manager, B.N; B.H.SC; M.HSM; MACN; AFCHSM)

Throughout my career in nursing, I have been surprised by the absence of career development resources available to nurses and other health professionals.

In the past decade we have seen a lot of nurse leadership courses- which is exciting. But doing your job well and a single leadership course does not adequately prepare you for career transitions and the challenges that come with those.

My goal here is to make resources available for nurses who want to take on bigger challenges. I have created some online courses for you, and am making coaching and tailored interview simulations available.

If you are stepping up, get the edge by doing one of our advancement courses.

Online Courses

Our online courses are all designed to help you achieve the next step in your career.

Designed by a Nurse Manager who has interviewed almost a thousand nurses and reviewed thousands of applications- you will learn how to prepare and succeed in your career.

Career Coaching

We offer career progression coaching and can refer to other incredible nurse coaches for specific topics (like recovering from burnout and excelling on the floor).

Interview Simulation

We offer a niche service- where we undertake interview simulations complete with gradings and feedback to prepare you for the hot seat!